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This site is dedicated to researching the ancestry and related families of Helen Mary Woodcox, Ralph Hiram Dexter, Blanche Thelma Wold, and Thomas Theodore Minson.  Additional significant lines include: ancestors of  Elgin Woodcox, Hettie Alice Hewitt, Cornelia Lucretia Hague,  Nancy Jane Strange, William M. Hays, Cornelius Hougland, and Ansina Smith; descendants of Thomas Brookens and Jane Jarvis, Henry Strange of Halifax VA, and John Whitfield of Northumberland England.

Detailed Life Sketches:

Asahel Dexter  1809  York, Toronto, Canada
Ralph Hiram Dexter 1905 Home City, Marshall, Kansas
John Hague    1825 Guernsey Co., Ohio
Reuben Hague   1801 Fayette Co.,  Pennsylvania
Macie Belle Hays   1887 Sterling, Colorado
Rebecca Hewitt   1840 Fountain Co., Indiana
Richard Hewitt    1794 Mason Co., Kentucky
Richard Hyde Hewitt 1844 near Nauvoo, Illinois
Archibald McPhail 1816 Renfrew, Scotland
Eliza Ann Minson 1872 Paris, Idaho
Frank Minson 1877 Paris, Idaho
Joseph Ward Minson 1869 Paris, Idaho
Thomas Minson    1841  Leamington, England
Jarusha Parker  1800  Trenton, New Jersey
Ansina Smith  1829  Sharps Fork, Ohio
Roland Strange  1826 Halifax Co., Virginia
Samuel Strange  1802 Campbell Co., Virginia
Catherine Ward 1851 Preston, England
George Ward 1823 Walton-le-Dale, Lancashire, England
Teasdale Whitfield 1792 Northumberland, England
Elgin Woodcox 1887 St. Joe, DeKalb, Indiana
Helen Woodcox 1911 Willow Island, Nebraska
Blanche Wold   1906 Preston, Idaho
Christian Wold  1858 Oslo, Norway

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the Thomas Minson Family     

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Since genealogy is always a work in    progress, we invite your comment, correction or contributions.  We would love to expand our collections of stories and photos of our ancestors to share with all who visit this site.








Personal note from Dave: 

 I remember growing up and seeing my mother, Carol , usually in our den, typing away for hours and hours on a typewriter.  She was involved in a mysterious study called GENEALOGY.  It was not unusual for me to find her there in the den in the middle of the night.  Perhaps then was the only quiet time that could be found in our busy home.  In 1984, I took my young family to visit my grandfather. While I was there he showed me a number of old photographs of his parents and grandparents. He had forgotten some of the names of the people in the photos.  I wanted to know them.

From then on, I was hooked. I had the bug.  The genealogy bug. It's not a bug that will kill you. But it is likely to keep you up late, staring at a computer screen, digging through internet web pages and files.  It's after 2 AM now.  I just got an email from my mom.  She is up too and found another genealogy find and had to share.

For years it has been my goal to share the family information my mother has gathered. It is still a work in progress.  With your help, we continue to refine the notes, correct errors, and expand our sources.

Well, I hope not to keep you up too late.  My brother-in-law said it best when he told my sister
"Come to bed dear, they will still be dead in the morning" .

Nope, the genealogy bug wont kill you, but it sure can keep you up late having fun.

Good luck in your family search


Data included our files consists of our personal research and  as well as data acquired from many other family researchers and multiple sources. Though we feel confident in itís overall accuracy, we continue to find information that needs correction or improvement.  We welcome your comments or corrections via e-mail


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Privacy note:  It is not our intent to include information about living individuals without their permission.  We have made every attempt to remove personal information on those who may be living. With that in mind, we would appreciate learning of any data on living individuals inadvertently included.